Rabu, 11 April 2012

Example of Hortatory Exposition

Social Network and Us
         Nowadays, social network has become a gate of the world where people can easily interact with other people, even across the world. So many sites that give us this feature like facebook which we know as the biggest social network media in the world, twitter, Skype, My Space, and many more. Most of modern people who know the social network possibly has an account from those media.
          Social network influences the human life. People can share anything here; express what they think with words, pictures, and videos. Or we can build our own image in public to reach popularity. Even, a person can be more popular in social network but in reality is so different. For some people, updating their status or commenting someone’s status or something like that is a need. That’s why social network has big roles in human life.
           Besides those benefits of social network, there must be negative impact. Social network can be a mask for criminals. In social network there are so many manipulation and falseness because not all people give the true information of themselves. And it can also decrease the confident when people only interact in an unreal world without communicate in real world. They can’t be themselves in reality.
           All the facts above prove that something always has good and bad side. Social network can be alternative way to express ourselves, but considering it as a need or even thinking we can’t live without it, is so wrong. We must not depend on social network to interact, open your eyes and be realistic.

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